Tire Pressure & Tread Tips

If you love driving your car, you should respect its tires. At Piazza Honda of Reading, we can help drivers like you improve your tires' longevity through a few easy tips.

Check your tires' pressure monthly. Look up your auto's ideal tire pressure in your owner's manual. Check each tire with an air-pressure gauge. Add or remove air as needed. Under-inflated tires handle unreliably. Over-inflated ones rob your car of surface area between it and the road. Each incorrect inflation range leads to premature tire wear and early replacement.

Regularly check your tires' tread-groove depth, too. You can measure these critical grooves with a penny. Point Lincoln's head into a groove until it reaches bottom. If you can see Lincoln's entire head, schedule tire replacement soon. Alternatively, you can check each tire's wear bars, which are found in every modern tire's grooves. They indicate the minimum safe tread level. Once tread and wear bars meet, you should replacement your tires.



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