Understanding the Different Types of Winter Tires

You need to make sure that your car is fully prepared for winter driving, including swapping on proper tires. To this end, you need to appreciate what types of winter tires are available to you.

The tires that provide the most traction for winter driving are studded. In addition, there are studless ice and snow tires that provide solid traction in adverse conditions. These tires are ranked just under those with studs for optimal traction in the snow and ice. Finally, there are performance tires that originally were used for winter driving in Europe. These tires are good for cold weather driving and in conditions with a bit less snow.

The friendly, experienced, knowledgeable team at Piazza Honda of Reading is available to assist you with your winter driving needs. We can swap on your winter tire any time that is convenient for you. Our dealership is located in Reading.


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