The line of vehicles known as the Honda Accord have held prominent places in the hearts of mid-size sedan drivers for many years. The newest version to the Honda Accord family keeps this tradition up with style and flair. That said, this vehicle conceals many unseen technology tools that provide yet higher levels of service. These tools include specialized rear-view mirrors as well as safety boosting rear cameras.

Most vehicles have common rear-view mirror systems that at best can focus in only one direction. The 2020 Honda Accord sedan take this concept to the next level with its addition of multi-angle rear view mirrors. These mirrors include technologies that give drivers angled views to the back and rear of their vehicles, thus enhancing their control and improving safety levels.

The new 2020 Honda Accord has more tricks up its sleeve, and one of these is its proprietary blind spot information system. Backing up a vehicle can be difficult even for veteran drivers, but the blind spot information system makes it easier for anyone by providing clear, high-resolution images of areas to the sides of the vehicles.



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