Whether you're using your new roof rack for the very first time or you've become a seasoned pro at loading and hauling extra cargo on top of your vehicle, damaging your items and hurting yourself is easy. Using a roof rack properly requires constant consideration of the additional height you're carrying and the cumbersome loads that you're lifting. Piazza Honda of Reading wants motorists to stay safe by keeping these two important rules for roof racks in mind.

Pay Attention When Headed Into Covered Garages

Driving into covered garages or passing under drive-throughs and overhangs can be dangerous if you aren't quite sure of exactly how much extra height you've gained. This is especially important to be cognizant of if you're hauling a canoe or any other large-sized item. Measure your new height before heading out and take stock of all signage that bears information pertaining to height limits. It's also important to check the owner's manual for your rack's load limits.

Be Smart When Loading Your Rack

Always get help when loading your overhead cargo. Two sets of hands are better than one. This will limit the need for heavy-lifting and give you a better ability to make sure that everything is properly secured. It's also a good idea to load larger containers after they've been placed on top of the rack. For answers to all of your roof rack questions or for expert automotive servicing, stop by Piazza Honda of Reading today.


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