Different Ways to Soften an Adhesive For Removing a Badge

Different badges on your vehicle are going to require different removal methods. Some of them are going to be easier and simpler than others. If you have a badge that is attached with adhesive, then you are going to have a somewhat easy time removing the badge. All you'd have to do is soften the adhesive. There are various ways to soften the adhesive that attaches the badge.

One of the ways to soften the adhesive is with hot water. You can also use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive of the badge. You just need a strong dryer on the highest heat setting.

Another thing you can use is adhesive remover. As you spray the adhesive remover on the edges of the badge, you will soften the glue which makes it easier to remove the badge from the vehicle. Once the glue is soft, then you can just remove the badge with a plastic wedge.



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