Towing vs. Payload: A Beginner's Guide

Are you confused at the difference between the payload and the towing capacity of your truck? You're not alone, as these two terms, though often-touted by manufacturers to show the power of their vehicles, are rarely correctly understood by those who purchase those vehicles. Here is a short explanation, offered by Piazza Honda of Reading, to help you master these terms.

Do you keep an extra quart of oil in your truck's cab? That's part of the payload. Do you take a toolbox along in your truck bed wherever you go? That's part of the payload, too. Determined by the strength of the truck's frame, the payload refers to what the truck can haul in the cabin and the bed, combined. Towing capacity is exactly as it sounds: the amount your truck can tow around Reading utilizing a hitch. Since the trailer is supporting much of the weight, this number is determined more by the power of the engine than the strength of the frame.

Even the most powerful trucks need regular service to maintain their performance. Stop by the service center at our dealership for fast, efficient, and knowledgeable service that will ensure you can always get the job done.



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