Handling Glare on the Road

There's nothing like driving on a sunny day in Reading, enjoying beautiful weather while on the road. But we at Piazza Honda of Reading want to remind you that sunny weather can create dangerous glare on your windshield, making visibility challenging. Stay safe by using simple tips to reduce glare in bright sunshine.

One of the first lines of defense against glare while driving is to ensure your windshield is clean and free of streaks, dust, or grime. A dirty windshield will only compound the effect of glare on your visibility. Wearing a pair of quality, polarized sunglasses will also help. Make sure your car's dashboard is free of any books, fliers, or paperwork as these items can reflect in your windshield and become visual distractions. Last, when visibility on the road is decreased through glare or otherwise, increase your following distance from other cars.

Taking a few simple steps to reduce glare can help you better enjoy driving your vehicle on sunny days.



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