Serpentine Belts Are Essential in Cars

Most motorists in Reading take for granted the amazing technology under the hood of their vehicles. An engine block has limited capabilities when it lacks supplemental input by a serpentine belt. Made of high-quality rubber and steel, this component transmits power from an engine to an alternator and several other crucial systems. For example, the timing of the valves and camshafts is precisely managed by this type of durable belt. The HVAC system of an automobile also runs on a serpentine belt. Additionally, the cooling system of an engine block receives commands from this part that's always in tension.

You should visit Piazza Honda of Reading to have your car's powertrain fully inspected for common problems involving the belt and other linked components. We can reduce or increase the tension of this installation that essentially drives the mechanical systems under the hood. Our auto specialists can replace worn-out parts that would otherwise compromise the performance of your car.



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