Clean Car = Healthy Car

Are you someone who washes your car only if you absolutely have to? We here at Piazza Honda of Reading sympathize with you. Washes can be expensive and time consuming, and who has energy to wash a car by hand? Still, washing is essential to your car's short term and long term health. Here are some reasons to prioritize a car wash.

Preserving Perceived and Real Value

Your car takes a beating from the elements daily. Each season brings a whole new assortment of abuse. Wind, sun, rain, cold and heat wear away your car's paint and finish. A worn-down finish leads to corrosion, discoloration and a diminution of perceived and real value. Plus, coats of dust and debris covering your car create drag, which can compromise fuel efficiency.

Preserving Your Optimal Health

Dirty cars are like dirty rooms. They're germ factories. Washing your car routinely eliminates irritants, allergens and microbes that can be dangerous to you and your family. Routine washing also keeps your vehicle looking professional and presentable, which makes you feel better about your vehicle and yourself.



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