Make Back-To-School Easier with These Vehicle Readiness Tips

We at Piazza Honda of Reading love helping the community get ready for back-to-school driving. Maintenance, safety, and staying organized will help everyone transition to getting back into a routine easier.

Checking your dash, fluids, tires, and wiper blades will keep those little things in order so they don't become problems later. Also, your owner's manual will have suggested maintenance based on how many miles your car has accrued. It is a good idea to keep up on suggested maintenance so your car will last longer.

An emergency kit will help you stay prepared and safe during harsh or busy conditions on the road. Adding some blankets, food, and water will keep everyone comfortable if there is an issue.

Backseat organizers and trunk organizers will help keep everything in a specific place and will make it easier for kids to load and unload.

If you would like more tips about back-to-school driving come to talk with our staff in Reading, and get your car serviced!



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