Signs Your Brake Pedal May Need Servicing

Brakes are a very important component to our vehicle in obvious ways. If we cannot slow or stop our vehicle adequately, it can become dangerous to drive on the road. When the brakes are performing correctly, then the brake pedal should feel firm when depressed. If it gives a "soft" or "spongy" feeling, then you should have the brakes checked.

A common cause of brake problems can be air in the airline, damaged brake lines or worn or damaged brake calipers and cylinders. Air in the brake lines is the usual culprit of brake problems and can be fixed by "bleeding the brakes". This involves draining and replacing the brake fluid. Damaged brake lines can cause the brake fluid to leak, and damaged calipers and cylinders can also cause the brake fluid to leak.

If you are experiencing problems during braking, bring your vehicle in to Piazza Honda of Reading and we will conduct a thorough check of your vehicle's braking system. We can also provide any other service you may need.



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