Clean Brake Fluid is Essential to Brake Performance

Every vehicle’s brake system requires brake fluid. When you apply the brakes, the fluid is sent through the hydraulic structure of your vehicle to evenly distribute pressure to the brakes. This process takes less than a second and slows your car down enough for you to stop when necessary. Without the fluid and the hydraulic structure, the brakes cannot operate effectively.

There are times when the brake fluid can become contaminated due to the environment or moisture. When this occurs, the brake performance can be decreased and sometimes nonexistent. The only way to know if the brake fluid has become compromised is by having a technician perform an analysis and a full brake inspection.

We at Piazza Honda of Reading want you to know that our technicians are highly-skilled and certified in brake service. Contact our showroom location for an appointment to have your brake system inspected at 915 Lancaster Avenue. Use our online service scheduler at your convenience.

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