Understanding the Differences Between Rear-Wheel and Front-Wheel Drive

Both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive provide their own unique advantages and drawbacks. Unfortunately, deciding which type of drivetrain is best for your specific purposes isn’t always so easy, which is why we’ll now present you with a quick overview of the pros and cons of each.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles have the benefit of being much more capable on wet, slick or snowy roads. In a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, there is a much higher chance that you’ll end up slipping or sliding around the road as all the power is coming from the rear.

Nonetheless, rear-wheel drive generally provides far better handling overall. This type of drivetrain also tends to be far more durable than front-wheel drive, which is why it’s usually the preferred choice for off-road driving and so-called ‘service’ vehicles like police cars, ambulances, etc. On the other hand, front-wheel drive tends to be less expensive and usually provides better fuel efficiency.

Deciding between front- and rear-wheel drive isn’t always so simple. Therefore, we’d like to invite you to stop by our service center at Piazza Honda of Reading, where our sales associates will be happy to arrange a test drive or answer any questions you have.

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