Why Buy a Hatchback?

When you're thinking about your next car, you may look at sedans and hatchbacks with a similar analysis. Which one is really better? Hatchbacks have their benefits, but sedans are purchased more often. Most people who like hatchbacks have a preference for the style, but there are actually some benefits to owning a hatchback over other vehicle styles.

Hatchbacks are actually much more practical than sedans. You can fold the back seats in almost every hatchback model to get more cargo space, which works great for moving, camping, and road trips.

Shoppers really do prefer hatchbacks because of their sportier styles. The design is typically round in the back and avoids the look for the "family vacation" wagons and boat-like sedans.

Small crossover SUVs are actually much smaller and guzzle more gas than hatchbacks as well. You can test drive a hatchback and see for yourself by going to Piazza Honda of Reading.




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