5 Everyday Driving Dangers That Affordable Infrastructure Improvements Could Solve

There are many roadway conventions we take for granted in Reading, like that busy intersection where too many streets criss-cross at weird angles. Sometimes, the way we have gotten used to roads looking isn't as safe as they could be with a few cost-effective upgrades.

AAA recommends these changes to road infrastructure, and claims they could save thousands of lives:

  • Hazardous intersections can be turned into roundabouts, reducing side collisions, and organizing complex intersections to reduce total crashes.
  • Drifting off-road or into oncoming traffic can be reduced by installing shoulder and centerline rumble strips.
  • Accidents involving pedestrians can be prevented by adding crosswalks with signals, like flashing lights to alert drivers.
  • Off-road highway crashes where vehicles cross the divide into oncoming traffic can be prevented by adding median barriers.
  • Collisions with broken-down vehicles and bicyclists can be prevented by widening the paved shoulders of the road.

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